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Below you will find excerpts from  some of the the latest IEA news items. More details on these items and other information can be found using the  series of links to the the the left of the page.

IEA Conference 2014The 30th Annual Irish Economic Association Conference took place at NUI Galway on Thursday May 5th and Friday May 6th, 2016.

The conference was a great success  with the The Edgeworth Lecture given by  Professor Markus Brunnermeier (Princeton University) on “The Euro and the Battle of Ideas, ” and the ESR guest lecture given by Professor Caroline Hoxby (Stanford University) on “Investing in Higher Education: Productivity, Markets and Information,”.

The 2016 Conniffe prize was awarded to Slava Rokicki (Harvard University) for her paper “Bias of Standard Errors in Difference in Difference analyses when the Number of Clusters is Small” , while the 2016 Novartis prize was awarded to  Yuanyuan Ma (TILDA, TCD)  and Anne Nolan (ESRI) for their paper  titled “Public Healthcare Entitlements and Healthcare Utilisation among the Elderly in Ireland”.