Membership of the IEA

The Irish Economic Association  operates two types of memberships:

  1. a corporate fee paid by institutions covering researchers (including students) at that institution
  2. individual membership available to those not covered by institutional membership.

Members of the IEA receive reduced rates when attending IEA hosted events such as the Irish Economic Association Annual Conference.


Corporate members are listed below:

Central Bank of Ireland

Economic and Social Research Institute

Dept. of Economics, Finance & Accounting Maynooth University

Deaprtment of Economics, National University of Ireland Galway

Nevin Economic Research Institute

School of Economics, University Collge Dublin

Dept. of Economics, Business School, University of Limerick

Department of Economics, Trinity College Dublin

If you are a member of staff or student at any departments or institutions listed above then your membership of the IEA is covered by the corporate membership.


In all other cases an individual membership is required.  The current rates for individual membership of the IEA are

Student €30:  Non-Student €90

Those interested in availing of an individual membership should contact the treasurer of the IEA Dr. Edgar Morgenroth at


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