The goal of the IEA Travel Grant Scheme is to aid in the dissemination and promotion of economic research by economists working on the island of Ireland.  Funding will be awarded based on the quality of the work, the quality of the conference and the benefit of the conference to the applicant’s research, network and career progression, with an emphasis on early career researchers. 

Grant applications will be considered by members of the IEA Council.  Applications will be evaluated upon receipt.  Total funding available per six-month period, the first ending 30 April the second ending 31 October, is capped at €5,000, where all available funds may not be allocated.

All grant recipients are required to acknowledge the funding in the conference presentation and in a footnote to the paper when published.


Conference (name and link to conference website):


Total Funding Request:

Summary:   Please include details of the paper which will be presented. Characters (1500 limit).

Potential Benefits:   Applicants should detail the potential impact and benefits arising from attending this conference for the individual applicant, the Irish Economic Association and the wider society. (800 limit).

Abstract Submitted?:

 Abstract Accepted?:

Ethical Approval Required:  Applicant must indicate if the research involves humans, animals, tissue or records thereof.  If so, applicant must provide evidence that this approval has been received.

Applicant Details


Department or School:



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Funding Source: 
If funded externally.

Short CV:

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Recent Publications:  
Please list at most 3 recent publications or working papers.


Applicants are asked to provide a breakdown of the individual costs required to attend the conference. The maximum per grant funding available under is scheme is €1000. Partial funding may be awarded.

Budget Line Type Amount Description

Additional Funding Required:  Where additional funding is required, in excess of that available under this Scheme, applicants are asked to provide detail on how this will be sourced and used. Where matched funding is available this should be detailed and will be looked upon favourably.

Budget Justification:  
The budget justification is the narrative explanation of the budget and should not be used for further scientific explanation. Applicants are required to justify the individual costs as entered above. You should also provide a justification as to why funding is being requested through the IEA Scheme. Applicants should be aware that a consideration of ‘value for money’ will apply and unrealistic costs which are not justified may have a negative impact on the application evaluation.

Submission:  Please submit your application by email as a pdf attachment to