ISWE is happy to announce a collaboration with At The Margin: Economics Podcast in a series of podcasts where we discuss issues related to gender balance and diversity in the economics profession, but also well-being and the environment with numerous Irish or Irish-based economists.

  • Podcast #1: ISWE executive members  Bróna ní Chobhthaigh, Oana Peia, Karen Arulsamy and Darragh Flannery discuss the goals and pillars of ISWE and how to improve women’s representation in Irish academia, policy and media. You can listen in at:  Women in Economics – ISWE Panel.
  • Podcast #2:  Lucie Martin, PhD graduate from UCD School of Economics discusses the economic consequences of burdensome admin. You can listen in at: Can onerous form-filling have economic consequences?
  • Podcast #3:  Kate Laffan from the London School of Economics discusses the environment and well-being. You can listen in at: Environment and Wellbeing
  • Podcast #4: Karina Doorley of the ESRI and Donal O’Neill of Maynooth University discuss the gender wage gap in Ireland.  You can listen in at: Gender Wage Gap in Ireland
  • Podcast #5: Margaret Samahita from UCD School of Economics, Kevin Devereux from Peking University and Míde Griffin, former ISWE executive committee member discuss their recent work on gender, productivity, and promotion in the Irish economics profession and research considering whether economics conferences are gender-neutral. You can listen in at: Gender diversity in Irish  academia