In May 2023, ISWE held a networking event at the IEA conference in Athlone, where ISWE chair Emma Howard highlighted the projects and events that our organization undertook over the past year, as well as the next steps for ISWE.  We thank the Central Bank of Ireland for sponsoring the event and for their continuing support.

We also awarded the second ISWE Prize for the Best Paper by a Woman Economist presented at the IEA. This year’s winner is Martina Zanella from Trinity College Dublin for her paper entitled  “Stereotypical Selection”, where she uses data on a large student population to show that those who go against stereotypes, e.g. women in math, do not suffer from being in a numerical minority, but they impose negative externalities on those who select on stereotypes.


Our second ISWE-IEA 5km run took place on the morning of May 5th. Thank you all for joining.