Economists at IEA Affiliated Institutions

The following is a list of Economists working at organisations affiliated with the Irish Economic Association.

NAME e-mail Institution
thomas conefrey Central Bank
david cronin Central Bank
mary cussen Central Bank
peter dunne Central Bank
mary everett Central Bank
gabriel fagan Central Bank
trevor fitzpatrick Central Bank
lars frisell Central Bank
jean goggin Central Bank
robert kelly Central Bank
Philip Lane Central Bank
joelle liberman Central Bank
andrew linn Central Bank
matija loze Central Bank
reamonn lydon Central Bank
fergal mccann Central Bank
yvonne mccarthy Central Bank
Anne Marie McKiernan Central Bank
anne mcguinness Central Bank
tara mcindoe-calder Central Bank
laura moretti Central Bank
liuca onorante Central Bank
martin o’brien Central Bank
terry o’malley Central Bank
Conor O’Toole Central Bank
gerard oreilly Central Bank
Lisa Sheehan Central Bank
alan barrett ESRI
adele bergin ESRI
valentin bertsch ESRI
tim callan ESRI
niall conroy ESRI
john curtis ESRI
yota deli ESRI
conor devitt ESRI
mel devine ESRI
valeria dicosmo ESRI
david duffy ESRI
niall farrell ESRI
john fitzgerald ESRI
daniel foley ESRI
egle gusciute ESRI
paul gorecki ESRI
marie hyland ESRI
claire keane ESRI
elish kelly ESRI
pete lunn ESRI
derrk lambert ESRI
martina lawless ESRI
catriona logue ESRI
Sean Lyons ESRI
murieann lynch ESRI
daire mcCoy ESRI
Seamus McGuinness ESRI
Kieran mcquinn ESRI
brian o’connell ESRI
bertrand maitre ESRI
edgar morgenroth ESRI
irene mosca ESRI
anne nolan ESRI
france ruane ESRI
michael savage ESRI
sue scott ESRI
iulia siedschlag ESRI
zuazana studnicka ESRI
adele whelan ESRI
susan whelan ESRI
miriam wiley ESRI
maevann wren ESRI
Gerda Dewit Maynooth University
Aedin Doris Maynooth University
Thomas Flavin Maynooth University
Margaret Hurley Maynooth University
Dermot Leahy Maynooth University
Donal Oneill Maynooth University
Fabrice Rousseau Maynooth University
Olive Sweetman Maynooth University
gregory connor Maynooth University
Simon j broome Maynooth University
paul osullivan Maynooth University
tom o’connor Maynooth University
tuvana pastine Maynooth University
rowena pecchenino Maynooth University
michael collins NERI
tom healy NERI
paul macFlynn NERI
tom mcdonnell NERI
alan ahearne NUI Galway
John cullinan NUI Galway
Edel doherty NUI Galway
paddy gillespie NUI Galway
stephen hynes NUI Galway
aidan kane NUI Galway
brendan kennelly NUI Galway
terrence mcdonough NUI Galway
john mchale NUI Galway
eithne murphy NUI Galway
ciaran oneill NUI Galway
eamon oshea NUI Galway
raghav srinivasan NUI Galway
gerard turley NUI Galway
cian twomey NUI Galway
kieran walsh NUI Galway
Tom van Rensburg NUI Galway
Ashley Piggins NUI Galway
Breda Lally NUI Galway
Stephen McNena NUIGalway
Augustin Bentrix TCD
Eleanor Denny TCD
Vahagn Galstyan TCD
Fadi Hassan TCD
patrick honohan TCD
Michael King TCD
Ronan Lyons TCD
Tara Mitchell TCD
Gaia Narciso TCD
Carol Newman TCD
John O’Hagan TCD
Francis O’Toole TCD
Paul Scanlon TCD
Michael Wycherley TCD
tiziana brancaccio UCD
ronald davies UCD
kevin denny UCD
paul devereux UCD
orla doyle UCD
joseph durkan UCD
stefanie haller UCD
vincent hogan UCD
christopher jepsen UCD
kanika kapur UCD
morgan kelly UCD
david madden UCD
alesssia paccagnini UCD
cormac ograda UCD
sarah parlane UCD
ivan pastine UCD
aisling reynolds UCD
john sheehan UCD
frank walsh UCD
ciara whelan UCD
karl whelan UCD
bernadette andreosso University of Limerick
rita buckley University of Limerick
Catriona cahill University of Limerick
jim deegan University of Limerick
declan dineen University of Limerick
darragh flannery University of Limerick
Olubunmi ipinnaive University of Limerick
stephen kinsella University of Limerick
anthony leddin University of Limerick
helena lenihan University of Limerick
donal palcic University of Limerick
eoin reeves University of Limerick
mary wallace University of Limerick
marta zieba University of Limerick

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